Silver Swans Ballet Classes

Silver Swans Ballet Classes

Siver Swans Ballet Greenock

Ballet Classes

Each Silver Swan Ballet Class will  follow Royal Academy of Dance guide lines. Each Ballet lesson will work on the basic Classical Ballet positions which will build over time to Ballet routines.

The aim of the lesson is to teach Classical Ballet, which at the same time will help with general fitness, stamina, flexibility and posture.

Of course having fun and meeting people will also be major factor in each ballet class.

Drop by anytime to see our facilities and learn more about our program - you can contact us here.

Our Program

Each Ballet Lesson will last an hour. The Ballet Class starts with some general warm up routines. Once everyone has warmed up we move on to barre work, working on the basic four ballet positions. Time will be devoted to these four positions in each Ballet Lesson as these are the building blocks we require to move forward to more complex Classical Ballet routines. After Barre work the Ballet Lesson will move onto free work.

All Ballet lessons will be structured around Royal Academy of Dance guide lines.

Once the Ballet Class has finished we are able to mix and chat over a well deserved tea or coffee.

Classes will develop over time, however will continue to cover the basics, so if you have an interest in Classical Ballet and are looking to improve your fitness, come along and join in.